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About BrikWorm

After many years in the electronics and music industries, talking to people and observing the live music scene, we decided to do something about one of the worst aspects of live music performance: the setting up and taking down of the set.

Connecting up all the performers with their instruments and microphones, staging and equipment and then having to pack it all away is the part that musicians most dislike. After all, it rather takes away the euphoria of a good event when, instead of revelling in the good feelings and drinking in the congratulations, you have to spend a couple of hours doing mundane coiling of leads and lugging heavy equipment to the van.

Multicore is one of the worst offenders in this respect, because of its weight and the length of leads required to accommodate the varied sizes of venues.

So we set about devising something that would minimise the number of leads, reduce the weight of the 'multicore', and make it easier to use the multicore/mixing desk aspect of live music.

BrikWormT™ was born out of the realisation that the shorter the leads, the less the tangle factor, the less the time taken to setup and take down, the less the likelihood of broken cables and therefore the less stressful the whole business of doing a gig.

The reaction of musicians to the BrikWormT™ has justified this belief in the need for such a system, and we hope that we will be able to provide 'just what the industry needs' across the musical world.

Our Commitment

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