BrikWorm connecting performers

BrikWorm Live On Stage

View BW on stage here - at Hardraw & Otley Folk Festival

  • Otley Folk Festival
  • Hardraw

Otley Folk Festival

Rod Holt, senior audio manager for the Otley Folk Festival, used BrikWorm because ‘the system provides flexibility for the mixing desk and is really easy to use.

‘BrikWorm's memory is useful when there are several acts on the same bill, and the jack sockets on the stage Brik do away with the need for di boxes.

BrikWorm performed flawlessly throughout the four-day festival, and I have complete confidence in using it for future festivals, large and small.’

The Sound Crew at Otley Folk Festival


At the mixer end (left): three optical connectors, making use of BrikWorm’s digital interface capability.

16 input channels and 8 output channels in use.

At the stage end (right and below): two stage Briks in use - one at the front of the stage for the voice mics and instrumentalists, and one at the back behind the drumkit.

16 inputs and 8 outputs giving plenty of scope for stage monitor mixes as well as front of house PA


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