BrikWorm connecting performers

BrikWorm Chain

April 8th, 2018:

Analogue-to-analogue latency results:
48kHz is <0.35ms
96kHz is <0.2ms
192kHz is <0.15ms


August 2017:

The next-generation BrikWorm is in design!

The BrikWorm Chain takes modularity to its limit. Not only are separate modules plug-and-play, but the internal electronics is also plug-and-play within units, making a virtually unlimited range of products possible.

The Chain can have any topology including daisy-chain, spurs and stars. Maximum number of CAT-5-interconnected nodes: 4095.

Last tidbit... the Chain can also mix, record and is WiFi-controllable.....

More information will be posted here when available. The Chain will be available when it's complete, tested, working and ready for use in anger. (see our Commitment)



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