BrikWorm connecting performers

BrikWorm Traditional

BrikWorm Traditional is no longer manufactured, but we still provide servicing and repairs of existing systems free of charge, apart from return shipping.

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  • Mixer End
  • Power Supply
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  • Benefits

Stage End

Mixer End



Benefits of the BrikWorm Traditional system

• Easy and quick to install- less time spent faffing about before & after gigs
• Fewer trips to & from the van - bonus if it’s raining
• Digital mixer interface, only four optical connections - quicker to set up
• For rack-mounting options, only one lead to connect (Worm)

• One-handed 50m multicore: 50m Worm cable weighs less than 3kg
• Reduces backache - and groin strain
• A lot easier to install - goes round tight corners
• Can install in places you wouldn’t put multicore - attach Worm to walls, over light shades (but make sure it’s safe first!)
• And smaller, too - more room in the van (hey, get a smaller van!)

Less cable
• Reduces tangle factor - shorter leads
• Shortest cable runs - stage Briks are now near to the mics/instruments so leads can be shorter
• Quicker to set up - because the leads are shorter
• Quicker to clear away - because the leads are shorter and that means that they don’t tangle as much
• Tidies up the stage - That’s nice
• Only one cable daisy-chaining around - which is why it looks so tidy
• Safer, less to trip over - because there are fewer heaps of tangled cable & leads
• Overall image of band looks more professional - there had to be a downside...

• CAT5e can be had (if you look carefully) for around 15p/metre - OK, 15p x 20m is £3. That’s like 32-way multicore for £3. Yep, that’s cheap.
• Leave Worm behind at the venue - It’s quicker to fasten the Worm to the walls while you’re setting up than to install it and have to take it all down again at the end of the night...your time is more valuable than the Worm cable!

• You won’t break a BrikWorm - There are, of course, exceptions to this. If you strapped one to the outside of a space shuttle it would certainly burn up on re-entry. Come to that, throwing one out of a skyscraper wouldn’t do it much good, either. However, the point is that the Briks are made of 4“ x 2” x 10gauge aluminium which would easily take the weight of a van. We even fit rubber feet and friendly end-caps so the edges don’t damage the stage...
• Hard-anodised finish & heat-treated printing - for long life

Flexible and adaptable
• Record directly from the Worm using an Interface Brik - don’t have lots of leads connecting to the mixing desk
• Use ‘T’ Briks to allow single cable to stage Briks instead of daisy-chain - great for multi-point installations
• Modular - allowing low-cost bespoke systems. If you would like to discuss a particular need, contact

Powerful Worm
• Power goes down the Worm - only one mains connection needed, right next to the mains socket
• Great for churches! - so if you’re gigging in Westminster Abbey, you don’t need to find lots of mains sockets to run the BrikWorm.

Note: A BrikWorm system will operate with 50m of Worm cable and one power supply Brik in any configuration. A 100m cable can be used in one piece, but must be powered at both ends of the cable, ie you need two power supply Briks. In other words, you lose power down the cable when it gets more than 50m long. This causes more confusion than it merits. If you have any questions for systems that need more than 50m, just drop us a line at and we’ll be happy to help you find a solution.




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