BrikWorm connecting performers

Accessories for BrikWorm systems

No matter how reliable and robust a system is, it's always handy to have some spares in case something gets lost or dropped from a high height.

We also have some handy gadgets which will enhance your technical operation.

  • Cables & Leads
  • Cable Tester
  • XLR Socket Caps
  • Ethercon
  • Repeater
  • Terminator
  • P!NG / S!NG

Cables & Leads

We are proud that our cables are excellent quality and come with Neutrik® connectors.

  • Cable Reel
  • Cable Lengths
  • RJ11 Leads
  • Toslink Leads

Cable Reel

Robust, small, lightweight, 100m in one hand. Neutrik® connectors on both ends. 50m or 100m reels available.

Cable Lengths

We supply 2m, 4m 6m cable lengths to accompany the BrikWorm system, to daisy-chain between Briks, but also as spares. All fitted with Neutrik® connectors.

RJ11 leads

We supply various leads to accompany the BrikWorm OptiX system, to link Briks, but also as spares. All fitted with quality RJ11 connectors.

Toslink leads

We supply various Toslink patch leads to accompany the BrikWorm OptiX system, to link Briks, but also as spares.


Cable Tester

One of the professional live performer's worst scenarios is that a cable stops working, usually through too much abuse on the road.

We are developing a robust cable tester which will test each individual strand of a cable, thus ensuring that the whole cable works, not just parts of it. Check back for news.

XLR Socket Caps

- to protect the sockets from inadvertent dust collection


- Standard RJ45 connector surrounded by a rugged EtherCon® shell for added reinforcement.

- Got more cable & want to put the EtherCon® shell on? Click here for detailed instructions.

- Note: EtherCon® is a registered trademark of Neutrik (



- Ethercon-connected

- to increase distance by 100m increments

- For very long cable runs, repeaters are used at 100m intervals. They are bi-directional (you can plug into either end).

- Systems using repeaters must be powered at both ends (ie you need two power supply Briks). For example, for a 600m run, you will need two power supply Briks, plus five repeaters.


- A switch is provided to pass power through the repeater or to isolate it. This allows for different power supply potentials at each end.


- Ethercon® terminator to complete BrikWorm™ circuit.

- 2 required for each system


Pink Noise Generator -!NG.html


Sine Wave Generator -!NG.html



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